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A campaign created to help entrepreneurs in the middle of the pandemic. The project was created for those who want to build a new brand and do not have access to this type of service. Five hundred tickets will be sold, and the draw will be a visual identity and interface design package. Part of the proceeds will be donated to a health care institution and an animal ONG in the city of Curitiba.


Brand design for the company Mulungu. A brand inspired by the Mulungú plant, as its main product is the floral with the essence of the leaf itself. The red symbolism represents a flower that grows from the tree. The target audience of the bra nd are people looking for a cure for anxiety. Its symbology is able to capture people's concentration, bringing balance of thoughts and breathing with hypnotic effect.


The GAYA brand has as main product a liquid soap with four aromas. Its ingredients are 100% vegan, using veget able glycerin and coconut oil as a base in its formula. In some campaigns the company also develops bar soap for the Home line.

The goal of the brand is to reach all people, without age or gender, and make them aware of the importance of washing their hands in the current scenari

o we are living in. For this reason, the brand has also developed a fanny pack to carry the liquid soap wherever it is.



W.Investing             ︎︎︎

Project developed for a news platform aimed only at women investors. The positioning of this platform brings feminine strength, the exposure of news of power and authoritarianism of the female figure in the current scenario. The design of the platform is simple and straightforward.

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